I am Sandie Hogg, an experienced Eye Lash Artist and Aesthetics Practitioner qualified to an
advanced level. I started my journey in the beauty industry as a lash artist in 2016. I specialise in Russian Volume lash extensions and Hybrid lash extensions. I have loved creating full and
glamorous sets for hundreds of clients and continue to do so.

I have always had a strong personal interest in aesthetics. After having numerous treatments, myself over the last 10 years, I decided to train in aesthetics at the beginning of 2021. My training to date is to an advanced level and I am continuously attending courses and seminars to build on my skill, knowledge, expertise and to keep up to date within the industry.

My aim in aesthetics is to enhance and bring out your natural beauty, delivering complementary results. Before every treatment, a full facial examination and in-depth consultation is carried out. I will discuss with you how certain areas of the face are indirectly improved by their neighbouring areas. Looking at the whole face rather than just the area of concern.

Focusing on positive emotional attributes, as we want to…

  • Look younger
  • Look more attractive
  • Look slimmer
  • Look more feminine/masculine

And addressing negative emotional attributes, as we want to…

  • Look less angry
  • Look less saggy
  • Look less tired
  • Look less sad

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