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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is found naturally in our bodies. It is vital for the adequate functioning of our digestive system and defends us against harmful viruses and bacteria. Vitamin B12 deficiencies affect the way in which our bodies use valuable energy. Stress, fatigue and ‘brain fog’ as well as reduced physical stamina are common signs of vitamin B12
deficiency. In the last 20 years, it has come to light that Vitamin B12 injections are beneficial in treating these, as well as serious issues including dementia and panic disorder. Recently, the increasing popularity of veganism has made B12 shots more popular than ever before. For healthy individuals, B12 injections benefits include an improvement in overall cerebral functioning as well as physical and psychological wellbeing. As a moderate appetite suppressant, one of the other potential benefits of B12 injections is easier weight loss. They can be used intermittently and are a popular therapy for exhaustion, ‘burn out’, migraines and – of course – post-party nausea! The benefits of Vitamin B12 injections also include a healthier cardiovascular system and for this reason, I always recommend a course of 5 treatments to individuals who are looking to achieve maximum health and energy improvements. It is evident that high concentrations of Vitamin B12 are an essential component of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Prevents Fatigue
Vitamin B12 is required for the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients around the body. Many patients suffering from a B12 deficiency visit their GP complaining of tiredness and fatigue.
Gives You an Energy Boost
B12 assists in the process of converting food into glucose, which the body requires for energy production.
Improves Brain Power
Vitamin B12 plays a role in supporting mental and cognitive performance.
Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
B12 lowers levels of a compound known as homocysteine that is linked to increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.
Slows Down Memory Loss
Vitamin B12 can slow down memory loss – a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the use of lower and higher serum vitamin B12 concentrations in ageing patients and found that those who’d had the higher dose performed better in memory tasks.
Protects Against Cancer & Other Diseases

B12 has been found to be key in preventing and combatting a number of serious health concerns, including various types of cancer.

Helps You Lose Weight
B12 boosts the metabolism so increasing levels of this vitamin can be invaluable support if you’re trying to lose weight through diet. It’s energy-giving benefits will also aid your efforts in the gym.
Alleviates Anxiety
B12 can help fight mood swings, loss of focus and depression in a number of ways. One way it does this is by synthesising melatonin, dopamine and serotonin, the chemical messengers that influence your moods.
Aids Sleep
As well as regulating your mood, melatonin also controls your sleeping patterns and if you’re suffering from a B12 deficiency, a common side effect is being unable to sleep and then feeling tired throughout the day.
Helps Improve Your Appearance
B12 is essential for the health of your skin, hair and nails as it plays a role in cell reproduction and therefore the renewal of your skin.

Vitamin B12 Prices

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Course of 5 treatments

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